Colleen Leahy has been a fashion designer creating custom clothing for over 40 years. With a background in sewing, design and custom tailoring since the age of 7,  she has tackled everything from Costumes to Couture Wedding Gowns. She puts great effort in keeping up with the latest trends. While having her finger on the pulse of the fashion community for years.


As a fashion professional she studied pattern making, costuming and photography.  She continues her education as an industry professional  always expanding her knowledge base, while taking advantage of new technologies in the world of fashion, cosplay and 3D printing.


Inspiration came to her from the Hollywood movies of the 1930-1950’s.  The beautiful dresses and hand tailored suits held a fascination for her.  While traveling across the United States and the world, she has found inspiration from everything she has seen.  The variety of colors, patterns and styles breathe through every piece she designs. With a passion for history and trends, Colleen feels that fashion is a continuous circle and tries to honor the works of the past in her designs of today.

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